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About STRUMpit

STRUMpit is a blog about the role of the guitar and my experience as a guitarist in musical theatre.  Being a pit musician provides some of the most varied, challenging and exciting repertoire available to a guitarist.  I’ve worked with an astonishing variety of talented musicians, actors, theatre technicians and volunteers who have kept the work constantly interesting and exciting, and made me a better musician and person in the process.

I intend this blog to serve several purposes.  I want it to be a resource for other guitarists interested in venturing into the pit, to recount some of my own experiences, describe in detail my approaches to performing musicals, and reflect on some of the pieces I have played.


I welcome comments and feedback, provided it is relevant and polite.  I cannot and will not trade scores with anyone, for any reason.  Please don’t ask.

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  1. Roger W Ingalls #

    Enjoyed Bright Star last night (Friday, 7/19). Looking forward to hearing your notes on that. Went with my band mate and BFF from HS, Ron Runyon, and our spouses. Interested in the challenges of multiple instrumentalists outside of the pit.


    July 20, 2019
    • Hi Roger, glad you enjoyed Bright Star. I’m playing guitar, mandolin and banjo for that one! I will have a lot to say about those books in due course (spoiler: the banjo book is a mess!)


      July 20, 2019
  2. Warren R Sampson #

    Love your site! When I played Spitfire Grill a few years back, it really resonated with my 85 year old mom. She had never heard a score like that. I shared your essay on the show and its history. She sends her compliments on a great piece of writing!


    August 19, 2021
    • Thanks Warren. Glad your mom liked the article. I love Spitfire Grill and am looking forward to playing it twice in 2022


      August 19, 2021

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